A dedicated accommodation building intended to play host to hundreds of students every year, Karma House on North End Road, Wembley required multiple sets of high performance aluminium windows. AGF were more than happy to oblige, appointed by esteemed London-based architect HTA. An ambitious structure that served to prove the benefits of offsite manufacturing, CS68-HI windows from our range were the perfect solution.

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Wembley, to this day, is still renowned for its large amount of student buildings that are required to house all who attend any one of the city’s prestigious universities. A cluster of three slim towers, erected next to the heights of neighbouring developments, Karma House was ambitious due to its planned quick turnaround, and innovative offsite construction method. This was to be done without sacrificing quality or coordination.

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Development work on Karma House began wholly in 2013, with the intention of building the structure as rapid as possible to best capitalise on students seeking suitable accommodation in London. Eventually completed just two years later in 2015, volumetric construction was undertaken offsite before transporting elements to North End Road for assembly.

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Though a pioneering development in terms of offsite manufacturing, for us at Aluminium & Glass Facades Ltd fabricating and supplying the necessary CS68-HI from our dedicated factory in Peterborough. Every Reyaers aluminium window unit was supplied to Donban with the ability to achieve U-values as low as 1.0 W/m²K, meeting the highest requirements in terms of safety and stability.

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Upon completion in 2015, Karma House stands as an innovative and stylish place where students can live and easily access public transport. With 340 standard bedrooms, and an additional 110 studio variants, the project lead HTA Architects to be shortlisted for an Offsite award thanks in part to the dependable service offered by AGF.

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Products used in the Karma House, Wembley Project

Reynaers CS 68 Windows & Doors

CS 68

  • Four distinct aesthetic styles
  • Glazing up to 54mm
  • U values of 1.8 W/m2K

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